GYMetrix - Blog - Gymetrix wins Spark Of Innovation Award

Gymetrix wins Spark Of Innovation Award

Last week GYMetrix won the "Spark of Innovation" award at the UK Active FLAME awards.

The Flame awards recognise excellence and best practice across the industry.

Rory and Sarah receiving the "Spark of Innovation" Award at the UK Active Flame Awards
UK Active Flame Awards 2013 - Winner

It is great to be recognised as best practise and that the benefits of operators having accurate information on customers demand for gym equipment ensures there are not equipment bottlenecks and shortages, which improves the customers experience, which in turn attracts more customers into gyms. 
As well as preventing bottlenecks and customer dissatisfaction there is also the substantial savings that can be made by not buying equipment that customers don't value and don't use, ensuring operators are investing only in equipment that customers value, maximising their return on equipment investment.
I would like to thank the dedication and hard work that our employees, especially Sarah and Avgoustinos have put into getting GYMetrix to where it is today, as well as our partners, Life Fitness, Matrix, Leisure Net and LFX.
Furthermore I am eternally grateful to all of GYMetrix clients to date, who saw the benefits of shining the light of information into their gyms, and wanted to make better decision through having better information. 
Without early adopters who were willing to try a untried and untested technology, before its results were proven, we would never had got off the ground and been able to prove the results.