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Increasing customer satisfaction

I thought I would share the results from Renfrewshire leisure, who followed our advice about what equipment to buy, and we then went back in to test the equipment availability, and measure the customer satisfaction.

The extent of the positive impact surprised even us, a jump in the Net Promoter Score (Customer satisfaction) from 27 to 47! You can find out more by reading the Case Study - Increasing Customer Satisfaction.

A jump in customer satisfaction to that extent is simply astounding, and highlights the simple truth, customers join gyms primarily to use the gyms equipment. If equipment 'availability' is low and they cannot use it, the value to them of the gym drops sharply as does their satisfaction with the gym. Solving the problem of bad service through low equipment availability makes a massive impact on how happy customers are.

GYMetrix primary metric is no longer equipment 'utilisation' but the inverse of this, the view the customer is faced with which is equipment 'availability'. Low availability = low service = unhappy customers.

It is emerging as best practice to measure the service level of equipment 'availability' and then to solve acute shortages. This is not an activity that needs to wait for the next big refurb. If you have toothache you don't wait until your next scheduled visit to the Dentist, you go and solve the acute pain you have immediately. See below for the impact this has.

When doing entire gym refurbs operators who continue to use 'like for like' models for replacing equipment, 'gut feel' or 'suppliers advice' instead of the GYMetrix system which enables them to respond precisely to customers demand, are quite simply behind the curve and are not only wasting tens of thousands on equipment that will be under utilised but wasting the opportunity to provide a far higher service level to customers around the metric that matters most to them, 'equipment availability'

GYMetrix Bookings

GYMetrix started the year with 35 sensors, we have now increased that to nearly 300 and will be increasing that again in the next 2 months to 500! As leading operators are realising the power of the information we provide this is still not enough to keep up with Demand and we are now fully booked until mid February 2012!

If you are interested in us doing a project for you please can you get in touch and book a space as our 2012 schedule is filling up fast.

Bad news. . . unfortunately as we prove the high value of the information we provide so our price is increasing to reflect this, prices now are:

£35 per sensor per week
£2 per survey

If operators are looking at doing entire estates quantity discount can be discussed, but for one off projects unfortunately the price is non negotiable.

It is our belief that we are still under priced; as we collate more evidence of the value of this information it going to be our policy that our price increases in line with the evidence.