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Is 'Measurement' the Missing Link?

One of the biggest opportunities operators have to vastly improve their customer offering is when they are going to spend a lot of money buying new equipment for their gym. 

This presents the opportunity to make huge gains in the value offered to customers, but the lack of 'Measurement' of customer demand and equipment usage prevents operators scientifically and systematically being able choose the correct equipment, in the correct quantities, with the correct layout to maximise their return on investment.


Where 'Measurement' completes the cycle

'MEASUREMENT' of equipment usage and customer demand enables a
'REVIEW' of equipment types, quantities and layout before
'PLANNING' equipment purchases and gym design.

The Management Control Cycle forms the bedrock of good management and is part of the industry's QUEST quality scheme and the ISO 9001 Quality Management system.

It is accepted best practise when managing gym facilities, however most operators, until now, have been unable to use it when PLANNING how to spend Hundreds of Thousands £ on refurbishing their gyms, and have had to rely on assumptions because of the missing link in the cycle -  MEASUREMENT.

Plan - Implement - Measure - Review
Broken management cycle


IMPLEMENT- Operators are generally facing a situation where they implemented their last refurb some years before using one or more of the 7 deadly assumptions.

MEASURE - Before GYMetrix came along, operators have been unable to accurately MEASURE what all their existing equipment usage is, by their customers.

REVIEW - This has led to operators being unable to objectively REVIEW customer demand for existing equipment, their initial refurb PLAN, the ASSUMPTIONS they used to create it and the shortcomings of their existing equipment provision.

PLAN - This means operators have to make their next refurb PLAN based on ASSUMPTIONS that have not been tested to be true or false, and are unable to use objective scientific data on equipment usage to inform their PLANNING Decisions.


Better information = Better Planning decisions


The 2 main benefits of Operators having precise

Correct management cycle

Equipment 'Measurement' enables
Continuous Improvement.

Because there is accurate MEASUREMENT and a robust REVIEW of equipment provision the next refurb PLAN is a material improvement on the last, the continuous improvement cycle is enabled!

This results in huge gains in returns on equipment investment and customer service because it creates an ever improving cycle as each REVIEW produces an improved PLAN - a continuous improvement cycle.

Savings - The operators can quantify excess or unpopular equipment that hardly gets used, saving Millions ££ across the industry by preventing operators buying too much, or unpopular equipment that isn't adding value to customers.

Improve Service - The Operators can quantify where they have equipment shortages resulting in bad quality service, solving equipment bottlenecks enabling customer 'flow' thereby creating happier customers and better retention.

Instructors - Furthermore operators can identify necessary adjustments to the PLAN for how instructors can educate customers about using their gym equipment, improving customers experience and maximising staff interactions and equipment utilisation.

Validated Learning - Stop using
False Assumptions

Accurate MEASUREMENT and robust REVIEWS means that the ASSUMPTIONS operators used to create the PLAN are tested and proved true or false.
Evidence based learning takes place.

There is nothing wrong with using assumptions, assumptions are necessary when there are gaps in our knowledge base. The problem comes when assumptions are accepted as truths and are not tested.

When assumptions are rigorously tested, using evidence based data, then they are either proved true or false and in the process VALIDATED learning takes place, expanding our knowledge base.


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