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Lean Thinking applied to gyms

If you are not familiar with 'Lean Thinking' it has been around since the late eighties and is highly revered at identifying value from the customers perspective, focusing on increasing it, whilst at the same time removing 'waste' that adds no value to customers, but reduces costs for the operator.

I have written a White Paper on "How 'Lean Thinking' can prevent waste and enhance value in gyms".

Its methodology is Globally well established, used across many industries and used by the worlds most admired companies, although I could not find any evidence of its application in the Health and Fitness Industry.

This changes GYMetrix value proposition, instead of us entering the market with an untried, untested methodology, instead we are entering the market with a tried, tested and proven methodology that is highly admired around the globe 'Lean Thinking' - only now we have the technology to enable it in the Health and Fitness Industry. - I feel another price increase coming! :-)

Well I hope you find the White Paper Interesting.